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Why doesn’t Tweetbot support group direct messages, polls, or Twitter bookmarks?

Twitter currently doesn’t provide access to a few features to 3rd party developers. If they ever do enable public access, we will be happy to add them.

I already bought Tweetbot for Mac. Do I have to buy Tweetbot for iOS?

Tweetbot for Mac and iOS are completely separate apps. A lot of hard work goes into developing and maintaining each version, so we must charge for each to be sustainable as a small company.

Is Tweetbot 5 for iOS a free update for Tweetbot 4 users?

Yes! We have released Tweetbot 5 as a free update for users of version 4. Instead, we have provided the option (in the settings) to tip us for the ongoing development of this app. Future development on this app can only continue with the financial support of its users and we truly appreciate your support.

Security is important to me. How does Tweetbot handle my account access?

Your Twitter password never gets shared with Tweetbot. When you sign into your account via Tweetbot, it is done securely from Twitter’s website and Tweetbot is given permission to use your account via a token. You can always revoke Tweetbot’s access to your account from Twitter’s website at any time.

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